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Tucson Ballooning

Rising UP Tucson hot air balloon rides have been a favorite of tourists and native Arizonans for many years. Our hot air balloon rides in the beautiful Arizona desert will be awe inspiring whether it is your first time up in the air with us or you are a repeat flyer.

Your Tucson balloon ride experience starts when our cheerful staff greets you one hour before sunrise at the airport. From there our team checks the prevailing wind conditions and chooses the best launch site for the day. As hot air balloons direction and speed is determined solely by the wind direction and speed, every day is different! Once the launch site is chosen, our flight crew whisks you away to the Sonoran Desert site where the inflation of the balloon begins. During the approximate 30 minute inflation, you will watch in amazement and see just how big the balloon is as it comes to life! Then it's up, up and away for the experience of a lifetime! Imagine floating above the Sonora Desert, drifting with the breeze and not a care in the world. During your approximate one hour flight you'll soar high for a great overview of the valley, then low enough to just skim over trees and cacti scattering the ground below. Up in the air your pilot will provide history of the land below, point out landmarks you can spot from up in the air, as well as educate you on plant life and desert flora on the ground below.

Post-flight you are greeted with flutes of chilled champagne, a tradition dating back hundreds of years, and a balloonists' ceremony followed by a scrumptious continental breakfast. You're welcomed back to reality with the presentation of commemorative flight certificates to take home as a momento of your ballooning journey.

We are proud to boast a perfect safety record, and all of our pilots are FAA certified with thousands of flight hours. We are FAA certified, Uniformed, and Insured.




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